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Anna Prow

Anna Prow is founder and CEO of Trellis Partners, a consulting practice that partners with nonprofit organizations to strengthen the systems, practices, capacity, and culture needed to scale and maximize impact. Anna designed the Term Executive model to address a key need of growing and changing nonprofit organizations: a senior leader who takes responsibility for meeting the organization’s growth, effectiveness, and resilience goals. She believes in the power of the social sector to achieve global justice and is committed to helping build an effective, results-driven nonprofit sector one organization at a time.

With 20 years of experience working with entrepreneurial nonprofit leaders, a strong EQ, and expertise in leadership, operations, and systems thinking, Anna is an extraordinarily skilled change leader. She is proficient in all dimensions of nonprofit management, from strategic planning to evaluation, business systems to culture—and specializes in the integration of programs and administration to strengthen effectiveness.

Prior to engaging with nonprofits, Anna was a Peace Corps Volunteer and worked for the Peace Corps supporting global operations—experiences that gave her confidence to tackle any challenge and the skill to generate sustainable solutions in practically any environment.

These experiences also honed her emotional intelligence in multi-cultural environments and her ability to find common ground with diverse stakeholders, which she applies every day in her work with clients. Early in her career, Anna served as high school teacher, corporate trainer, and academic director. Because Anna views change management as an ongoing educational process, her knowledge of adult learning has been critical to her success within organizations.

Anna holds a BA from Longwood College and an MS from The New School.

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