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Are you a visionary nonprofit leader who wants to scale, but doesn’t have the operational structure or culture needed to do so?

We can help you get where you want to go.

Trellis Partners offers a number of services for organizations like yours to establish the infrastructure needed to scale and maximize impact: engaged leadership at all levels, an inclusive culture, and effective, integrated core functions — strategy, programs, funding, human resources, finance, and administration.

We would love to hear about your nonprofit and what you want to achieve.

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Overview of Services

From discrete organizational projects and improvement campaigns to two-year enterprise transformations, all of Trellis Partners’ services are dedicated to growing resilient nonprofits. Our solutions include:

Operational planning and capacity strategies

Coaching and praxis advisory

Systems improvement and special projects

field office
Nonprofit start-up and field office set-up/closure

Assessment and objectives-development

meeting facilitation
Retreat and meeting facilitation

executive transition
Executive transition support and interim executive

Strategy and Program Effectiveness
Term Executive® engagement

We Drive Results

Our clients have ambitious goals and want to set up their organizations for sustainable growth & impact. Here is how we helped a recent client do so:

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What Our Clients Have to Say

“Anna was focused on not just whether or not the trains were running on time, but if we had the right schedule. Her work went beyond dealing with the immediate issue at hand and included exploring if an issue was symptomatic of a system that needed to be improved.”
- Brad B.
“Anna brought things that we never thought of – templates and tools – that we still use today. For example, she shared a template for a meeting structure that we still use. These tools seem little, but they have a huge impact.”
- Julie D.
“Anna is not afraid to grapple with difficulty, be wrong, or change her mind. She’s open to being influenced by others. Good leaders are willing to be changed by new information.”
- Liesl S.
“Anna has good sense of organizations, what they are about, what their cultures are like. She can be decisive. Yet, rather than making a lot of changes that may or may not have stuck, she took the time to make sure the actions she took synced with the organization.”
- Winnie S.
“Anna is more than capable. From the beginning, I was amazed that she could become an integral part of the management team so quickly and steady the organization through a tumultuous time.”
- David L.

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